The Same Page Book Show

During my time with Canberra Writers Collective Scissors Paper Pen, I founded and moderated live book club event, The Same Page Book Show. My desire was to be Actual Jennifer Byrne. The reality was an intimate and regular event for an audience of book lovers in Smiths Bookshop. It was a little like the ABC's First Tuesday book club, except the panellists were allowed to swear and drink beer. We primarily focused on independently published and locally written works, rather than adding to the glut of opinions surrounding the classics and bestsellers. 


It will do your heart good to know that, since we recorded these events, I have learned the very valuable lesson of not laughing at my own jokes when on stage. I like to think that Jennifer Byrne would be proud.


Regular panellists (aka my Jason Steger and Marieke Hardy) were Lynda Carmody: manager of the National Library of Australia's iconic bookshop and Ashley Thomson: founding editor of Homer, formerly editor at Momentum Publishing and BMA Magazine.

Guest panellists: Emily Stewart, commissioning editor of Seizure Publishing and Ash Goldberg, music critic and short fiction writer.

Guest panellists: Lucy Neave, novelist and creative writing lecturer at the ANU and Zoya Patel, founding editor of Feminartsy and winner of the Anne Edgeworth Fellowship for Young Writers.

Guest panellists: Nigel Featherstone, founding editor of Verity La and award winning novelist and Joseph Falsone, artistic director of Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centre.

Scissors Paper Pen Radio

Thanks to a series of oversights on the part of local radio station 2XX FM, I was permitted to twiddle knobs and slide slidey things for a time. During that time I interviewed writers, borrowed other people's swipe cards and said "umm" a lot, the evidence of which is below. Unfortunately, order was restored when a listener complained about my overt use of the "ah-WOO-ga" button.